Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Two Great Quotes for the Day

“I became a Conservative by being around Liberals and I became a Libertarian by being around Conservatives.”

"I’m glad they’re doing this instead of something."

Just Saying

One last word about Sherri Goforth, before that story disappears into the ether altogether:

I've run across some lefty folks complaining about the fact that the employment policy in place at the legislature resulted in her getting only a warning/reprimand in her file/slap on the wrist for her first offense rather than getting fired outright. After all, in the private sector, she would have been fired outright, more likely than not, right?

Right. It is a bit annoying that government employees often aren't subject to the same strictures as those in the private sector, isn't it?

(NOTE: Yes, I know that there are some good arguments for having these sorts of rules in place for government employees. Doesn't make them any less irritating when there's someone you really want to see run out on a rail.)