Friday, March 14, 2008

Hi Ho Cherry-O!

Of all the defenses coming from Barack John Wilkes Booth Obama supporters regarding Rev. God Damn America, this whole bit about "cherry-picking" is some pretty weak sauce. These excerpts are not just little dinky cherries. These are some big ass ripe-'n-juicy cherries. Any one of these statements by itself would pretty much mark the speaker as a radical in the eyes of most reasonable people. Taken altogether? Well.

But...but...but...are parshioners responsible for what comes out of the mouth of the fella in the pulpit? No. But this is a little different from, say, your wacky uncle. You cannot, after all, pick your family. But you can pick your church.

By the way all you Obamaphiles: I actually like the guy. But this is some serious stuff. Do you honestly think that, come "let's-choose-the-head-of-the-American-government-not-to-mention-the-Commander-in-Chief" time, the average American voter is going to go for a fella whose long-time minister/friend/sort-of-mentor preaches "God Damn America!" to his flock?

That ain't gonna fly in flyover country.