Thursday, March 13, 2008

Take Five

1. Predictable. Not to mention pathetic. And boring. At least Stacey Campfield has some entertainment value.

2. If you're someone who left a message on this woman's MySpace page...really now, shouldn't you find something better to do with your time? I especially enjoy the commenters calling her a "homewrecker." Riiiiight. First, she's a prostitute (and a singer!), not a mistress. Second, he's the homewrecker, not her. If it weren't for people like him, there would be no market for people like her.

3. I saw Geraldine Ferraro on television last night and her reaction to this whole thing is fascinating. She really doesn't seem to grasp just why she got stuck in this particular briar patch. I think she truly believes that just because she's one of the "good guys," that she's allowed to say stuff like that without the usual opprobrium.

Rush Limbaugh is enjoying himself over the whole matter. And he has every right to do so.

4. Of course, it's the Republicans' fault. I knew somehow it had to be.

5. The Tennessean uses the power of the Web to put forth an investigatory examination of the state of local education.