Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I realize This Kind of has a Hit-and-Run Feel to It, but....

You know, this is the most favorable climate for Democrats nationally since 1974, yet their candidate can so far only manage a single digit polling lead over the Republican candidate. And this is before most people are even paying any real attention to what's going on.

If I were a partisan Democrat, I'd be extremely concerned. Seriously, how can you screw this up?

NOTE: One could argue that Obama's numbers will go up once more people DO start paying attention to what's going on. But that's not the way it usually works. In the early stages, more people tend to stake out the "soft" default position, which right now would be the Democratic candidate. Then, as the day of reckoning gets closer, a lot of those people defect. this cold be a different kind of year in that respect, but I doubt it.