Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Take Five

1. Our quasi-Republican governor (that's meant as a compliment) fights back publicly.

2. If it were possible for the federal government to fix the national economy by pumping more money into it on a constant and indiscriminate basis, don't you think that someone would have figured that out by now? If that were possible, the first political party to do it would be in power forever. Who could oppose it?

3. My hunch--and that's all it is--is that President Obama's (by the way, this blog has an editorial policy of always referring to the President of the United States as "President " upon first reference) stratagem was to sort of let the Democratic leadership in Congress gets its jollies out with the stimulus bill and then take the reins legislatively afterward. But I wonder if he thinks it's now gotten out of hand. Seriously, how could they have screwed this up? when you focus so much on the failings of the other party you tend to forget about those of your own.

4. In full agreement.

5. Over here too.