Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Take Five

1. It's only January and I think we already have a winner for Unctuous Blowhard Post of the Year. Apparently, an anxious electorate breathlessly awaits the endorsement of Rob Huddleston. (Psssst, Rob, you have their phone numbers too, right? Who died and made you Ted Welch?)

2. Yes.

3. 24.

4. From Heather McDonald:

Noonan warns Obama that “radical movement on abortion” would rouse the “sleeping giant that is American conservatism.” Maybe so. But many conservatives are just as worried that a Democratic Congress is about to give government an all but permanent role in the economy, thus impairing the dynamism and entrepreneurship that is America’s greatest economic asset.

5. Heh: "Juicebox Mafia."