Monday, November 3, 2008

Radical Marriage

OK, I knew something else was bugging me about that Robin Smith bit and it just dawned on me.


But Smith points to the overwhelming vote on a gay marriage ban amendment in Tennessee two years ago as evidence that the state is still firmly conservative.

“That’s not real moderate,” she said.

OK, what? This makes no sense to me. A vote for "traditional marriage," which is what that vote was for most people (and how it was framed by conservative supporters), was not a "moderate" vote? Well, what the hell was it then? Isn't support for traditional marriage about the most moderate, mainstream thing there is (even Barack Obama won't touch the issue with a 40-foot pole)? Indeed, isn't the whole basis for the argument--that is: "this is the way we've always done it"--pretty much "moderation" in a nutshell? The reason the vote for traditional marriage was so overwhemling was precisely because it was the moderate position to take.

I had no idea that the traditional, different-sex marriage I'm presently in--and the overwhileming support for same among the Tennessee polity--was such a radical departure from the norm. Methinks she doesn't know what moderate really means.