Thursday, November 6, 2008

Saving Sarah

Amen. This is nasty business and I'm speaking as someone who gets knocked a lot for being an "elitist" myself by self-styled "conservatives" for no other reason, as far as I can tell, than that I use big words from time to time, don't talk about religion constantly and can be a little snarky.

The NAFTA thing I can sort of see. But I find the Africa story rather suspicious. (Frum thinks so, too.) But who the crap cares about the bathrobe business? I've sort of assumed all these guys see each other in casual circumstances anyway. I mean, they basically live together for months. Hell, Franklin Roosevelt once walked in on Winston Churchill stark naked.

So, up yours Nicolle Wallace. And here's hoping no one ever hires you for a political campaign again. I can't believe anyone would be stupid enough to do that, but who knows. If you think picking Sarah Palin was a bad choice for Vice-President, fine, but rest assured that that would be nothing compared to any candidate ever picking you for anything above campaign office janitor inthe future.