Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Take Five -- Election Hangover Edition

1. How to get to 60: 1) Entice Snowe and Collins to come across the aisle. Can't imagine that would irritate their constituents too much. 2) Offer John McCain a position in the administration (such as Secretary of Defense), after which the Democratic governor of Arizona appoints a Democratic successor to McCain. That gets you close, right? Yes, I realize this seems far-fetched, but then consider how out of the realm of reality things feel right now. Really, would it be so hard to appeal to McCain's general sense of honor, duty and so forth to get him to do that? And, seriously, what is McCain going to do in the Senate now? McCain can wind down Iraq while giving Obama cover on his right. Stranger things have...well, you know.

2. President Barack Hussein Obama. President Barack Hussein Obama. President Barack Hussein Obama. This is going to take a while.

3. As of 2:53 AM, there is absolutely no mention of the GOP takeover of the state legislature on the homepage of the Tennessean.

4. Come on Minnesota, please don't saddle the country with a Senator Al Franken. Democrats, you don't want that either, do you?

5. I said O 54%, M 45%. It came out O 52%, M 47%. I'll take it.