Friday, November 7, 2008

Take Five

1. For the last time, Barack Obama is not America's first black president. This was America's first black president. He was even assassinated but then returned to life to sell car insurance, making the whole Messiah business also completely passe. Really, it's a shame that Americans don't know their history.

2. Mickey:

How About At Least Making Them Choose? So the UAW wants a $25 billion bailout and an end to the secret ballot ... Because Wagner Act unionism clearly worked out so well for Detroit.

3. So I'm listening to Rush Limbaugh for a few minutes yesterday, largely because Jim Rome was interviewing someone I didn't care about, and I was quickly reminded of the reason I don't listen to Limbaugh very much: the callers. This guy calls in all pissed off, saying that he's a 59-year old lifelong "conservative activist" and by God he's so tired of Republicans like John McCain who are just "Democrat-lite." If McCain likes Democrats so much, he should just go be one. We don't need people like him in the Republican Party, only "real" Republicans. And so on. Limbaugh, to his discredit, essentially agreed.

Well, you know what Mr. Lifelong Conservative Activist? Screw you. John McCain has more honor, dignity and, yes, sheer class in his left big toe then you have in your "lifelong conservative activist" body. What does it take to be a "conservative activist" anyway? Do you make a few phone calls for a political campaign every other October? Did you slap an "Impeach Hillary" bumper sticker on your car back in 1993? Call some liberal a communist traitor on some half-assed blog somewhere? Really, to be a political "activist" of any stripe is a pretty damned low threshold. Basically, you have a political opinion, you do something about it, and bingo! You're an activist! Such magnificent service you've done for all of us. Certainly makes hovering on the edge of death for five-and-a-half years in a prison camp on behalf of your countrymen pale in comparison.

Sure, purge John McCain. Go ahead and purge anyone who's not completely doctrinaire. Sponsor a pogrom for the independent-minded. That's the way to build a majority. Cripes.

4. No.

5. Question authority.