Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Take Five

1. Let the whining commence!

2. I'll tell you what: I had no idea there were so many mainstream journalists in this country. We all know, after all, that John McCain's candidacy is simply a media-created phenomenon, right? It's all a giant mirage. Yet he managed to win nine states last night, including such mainstream media hotbeds as Oklahoma and Missouri. They should start their own special interest group--they're more powerful than the AARP!

3. I don't think Mitt Romney did badly enough to warrant getting out quite yet. He still won a handful of states, although, as in the case of Obama, a major chunk of them were caucus states.

4. A new drinking game: take a sip every time Mike Huckabee clumsily shoehorns some sort of biblical reference into one of his (still way to long) election night speeches. David and Goliath! The widow's mite! But remember: don't try to make the accusation that the great bulk of Huck's support is basically just religious in nature.

5. I remain firm on my stance that John McCain will never share a ticket with Mike "Did-you-get-the-part-where-I'm-David-fighting-Goliath? Clever-huh?" Huckabee. There are a number of reasons for this, and I may go into them at some point if I get the notion, but Karl Rove summed it up quite nicely last night: "That would be doublin' your trouble."