Thursday, February 21, 2008

Take Five

1. Matt Pulle versus one of the worst blogs in the local blogosphere.

2. I'm sure that John McCain's advisors are convening right now to consider what, if anything, they can do to win over the highly influential Mark Rose. (Hey! Glen Dean thinks people just rip on Mark Rose because he's a committed Christian. -- ed. Yeah, that's the reason.)

3. "He is essentially an honorable person, but he can be imprudent."

(By the way, The New York Times ripping John McCain hurts him how exactly? More please.)

4. It's an older post, but I have to confess to some surprise over Sarah Moore's negativity toward John McCain. She strikes me as the sort of Republican who would dig him, or at least not actively dislike him. Interesting.

5. Universal health care.