Thursday, February 7, 2008

Take Five

1. Remember all that big talk back in 2000 about how "the people" should always decide, how "every vote should count" and so forth? Well, I'm kind of wondering how that's going to go down if Obama ultimately ends up with a lead among "regular" delegates but the "super" delegates go to Hillary, thus giving the nomination to her. You wouldn't be able to blame George Bush or the Supreme Court for that one.

2. Hell, I think he should have sued. I've never been all that impressed by the Flyer and this incident didn't help. They essentially handed the guy and what there is of his coterie a giant baseball bat to whack them with any time they choose. Nice work.

3. He's obviously choosing to be gay.

Poor bastard.

4. Get a load of the Tennessee Congresspersonage on this list of stars.

5. Baptist of the Year.