Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Blog Authored By Arthur Roger Abramson III

Yep, that's my full name. A little ostentatious, no? The "III" makes it sound to some like I'm some kind of blue-blood, which is not true (I am happy that I was never saddled with "Trey," which wouldn't have worked well with "Abramson" anyway). And as for Arthur, as wonderful a name it may have been for my grandfather, it's a little dated for the 21st century. For a few years, I tried to go professionally by "A. Roger Abramson" to differentiate myself from my father, but "A" is a clumsy letter for these purposes, and I finally gave it up after the 100th half-wit made the "Is this "A Roger Abramson or THE Roger Abramson?" joke.

So, plain old "Roger Abramson" it is. And this fella's name is Barack Obama, which in itself is problematic enough without adding the "Hussein" bit.

Go after his positions, not the name he was stuck with. There's plenty there. If you can't knock him off on substance, you don't deserve to win.

P.S. This brings to mind a question I've had for a while. Where did Robin Smith come from?