Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Attention Progressive Tennessee Democrats UPDATED

Yes, yes, get it out of your system. Have a good ol' hardy-har-har at the expense of those wacky hapless Tennessee House Republicans, the Charlie Brown to the Democrats' Lucy Van Pelt.

And then, stop. Be careful what you're applauding here. Just because these people have "D"s next to their names and just because they pulled a fast one on the "R"s doesn't mean they're on your side. Not even close. In fact, you probably would have been better off with the Mumpower Republicans in charge, because at least then you have known what you were getting: your enemy--and the battle lines--would have been clear. Now, you've just got the same bunch--a somewhat corrupt bunch no less--who had no use for you before back in charge of things, while you have no avenue for political recourse. After all, what power vacuum is there now for progressivism to fill? The Democrats are back in charge. What do they need you for?

Yep, like you, the Naifeh gang is laughing their asses off at the Republicans. But what you don't seem to understand is that they've nailed you to the wall as well. And there you are, enjoying yourselves.

UPDATE: Some seem to believe my inner Republican is showing. This post is supposedly all sour grapes. Nah. Don't really care all that much. In all, I'm actually pretty amused by the whole thing.