Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Take Five - One Week's Pay Edition

1. I knew all about this, really I did, because I know everything that's going on at the state legislature, unlike you mere mortals who are completely out of touch, but I chose not to say anything until right now, because, well, um, I'll think of something...really I will...

2. Question: this incident was apparently well-known (and, apparently, just one of many such "notorious" incidents in the legislative cesspool), so, er, where was the Capitol Hill media on this (not to mention the other incidents?

3. Female Democratic Rep. Janis Sontany was privy to one of the more lurid occurrences reported in the memorandum. Democratic Rep. Janis Sontany voted for Kent Williams to be Speaker of the House. Discuss.

4. Democratic Speaker Jimmy Naifeh knew about all of these allegations, yet pulled all of the strings to make Kent Williams his personal Mini-Me. Discuss.

5. "Discuss" somewhere else of course. FITP remains a one-man show.