Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Take Five -- Inaugural Edition

1. Most interesting and exciting inauguration since Reagan's first in 1981. I may actually watch this one (I think the last one I watched was Bush I in 1989). And for my fellow Republicans who are bent out of shape, get over it. Face it: we're just jealous we don't have a guy with his particular skill set right now. Same way the Democrats were a little jealous of Ronald Reagan way back then. And if your problem is that the mainstream media's ridiculous heavy-handed fawning over the new president makes you physically ill, well, that's what Fox News is for. Avoid Chris Matthews like the plague. And most of the others as well.

2. I decided back in February of last year or so that it would make no significant difference in my life of either John McCain or Barack Obama were elected president. I liked them both then. I still feel that way now.

3. Wow, I thought President Bush was just like Adolf Hitler. You know, megalomanical, power-mad and so forth. And yet everyone seems to be saying how well his transition team is working with the incoming folks. In fact, this is quite possibly the most seamless presidential transition we've had in decades. sure, Obama's an all right chap. But it takes two to make a transition. Bush deserves some credit here, right? He's certainly doing a much better job than the sainted Jimmy Carter did in his last days.

4. Our Savior. (Not really.)

5. Presidential approval ratings.