Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Take Five

1. Meet the Vichy Speaker.

2. No, I'm sticking by this. As I said to a Tennessee lefty friend of mine yesterday, progressive cheering of yesterday's debacle is akin to the Allies cheering for the Soviets overrunning the Nazis in 1944-45. Sure, seems great while it's happening. But now what are you going to do? What exactly is your next move? The Republican takeover the House was the very thing that was going to encourage the old farts to leave office, making room for people a little more like you. So, now what?

3. Bob Krumm wasn't surprised. I confess to being surprised. I would have thought any cracks in the coalition would have broken well before yesterday.

4. I can't completely resist being a pain in the butt here: could we now please stop pretending that Stacy Campfield, David Oatney, Rob Huddleston, et al have any idea what the hell's really going on on the Hill. I mean, where was all the inside scoop we're always supposedly getting? Let's face it: it's really just a handful of like-minded folks talking to each other, a conservative activist blogger echo chamber Why, here's Oatney just yesterday, right before the collapse: "Jason Mumpower still says he's "on top" of the Williams situation, and Williams was notably cheery when I saw him in the hall today."

Wow. Evans and Novak this isn't.

5. Well, I wouldn't worry about trusting the man's "word" anyway. He's not the one running the show anyway.