Monday, October 20, 2008

Bill Ayers, Through Another Prism

This is probably not original with me, but it's still worth thinking about...If you are someone who just can't get why some people have an issue with Obama's supposed non-relationship with William Ayers, suppose everything about this story were the same, except for two major differences:

1) Instead of being a member (or whatever you call it) of the Weather Underground, suppose instead that he was a member of a group that bombed (or wanted to bomb) abortion clinics, and

2) Instead of it being a Democrat tied to this individual, suppose instead that it was the Republican candidate.

Now do you kind of get it? You can talk all day about just how intimate this relationship between Barack Obama and Ayers actually was or is. That's a fair discussion. But don't pretend like it's not an issue. You know that if this were about John McCain instead of Barack Obama, and, say, Eric Rudolph instead of Ayers, that Democrats would be going absolutely ballistic.

And, rightly so, no?

UPDATE: B's dissent here. I may have a response; I may not. Depends on available time. As usual, though, her post is worth a read.