Sunday, October 12, 2008

Steyn v. Sullivan

I've been on an Andrew Sullivan hiatus going on two months or so now, after since it became abundantly clear that Andrew had completely given up on even the faintest pretense of objectivity in this election. I do "stop in" from time to time (in the hope--thus far always dashed--that his sanity had returned), but I'm instantly repelled, espcially with regard to pretty much anything he writes about Sarah Palin.

Thus I about fell out of my chair in laughter when I read this gem tonight from Mark Steyn:

"Jim Treacher notes he posted the above some days before the excitable Frank Rich started going on about "Weimar-like rage" and Paul Krugman warned of the Republicans' "insane rage" and the Head of Obstetrics over at The Atlantic Monthly took his head out of Governor Palin's birth canal long enough to apply his forensic skills to "the Hannity-Limbaugh-Steyn*-O'Reilly base" "stoking" and "fomenting" the rage in order to bring on the assassination of Obama.

Sorry, but that's awesome. I guess it takes a Brit to really pop a Brit. (Well, Steny's actually Canadian, but what is Canada really but basically Great Britain with hockey?)