Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Take Five -- 13 Days To Go

1. Tennessee: Lame Hacking Capital of the World

2. A complaint I'm starting to hear more and more that's getting old: that a lot of black voters are just voting for Barack Obama just because he's black. Well, yeah, probably. And really, can you blame them? Not me.

Now, in a perfect world, we wouldn't have this sort of thing going on, but in a perfect world the vast majority of American whites wouldn't have treated black people as a homogenous (and inferior) group for 300-some-odd years. Really, why should anyone be surprised that they themselves (or any members of a race so treated) treat themselves the same way? It's going to take a long time to flush out those wounds and get ourselves to equlibrium. The good news: should Barack Obama win, that's just a giant step in the right direction.

3. Something that occurred to me last night: 24 has dropped off the radar screen lately, but there was a recent time when it was the bane of liberals and lefties. But you know what? 24 was groundbreaking in a major way, featurng not just one buit two black presidents as major characters. The West Wing? An old white guy. Just saying.

4. Non-elitists for Obama.

5. Thsi race remains closer than it appears. But what the McCain campaign lacks is a real ground game. He's got the hope that a 21st century version of Nixon's old "Silent Majority" is sitting out there. Indeed, that's really his only hope.