Monday, October 27, 2008

Take Five -- 8 Days Until Democratic Hegemony

1. "KausFiles Goes Rogue!" Doesn't Mickey Kaus pretty much always go rogue (probably part of the joke, you see)? That's what make him so interesting. And so gosh darned lovable. Here's a bit on alleged GOP vote suppression:

I still don't see what's so terrible about the practice of "caging," when a party sends out "out nonforwardable mail" and "uses returned envelopes to question the eligibility of the addressees." Presumably the evidence provided by the envelopes can be rebutted, and the Democrats could do the same in Republican districts. The adversarial system at work! ...

2. Do I think I overestimated Obama's take last week? Probably. And hopefully! But I'll go down with that ship. Still seems ugly to me.

3. I suspect that after the fever passes (around November 10th) people will look back and see the last few weeks as one of the lowest points in modern mainstream media history.

4. Running the clock out, that's all.

5. Go Phillies! One more to go.