Thursday, October 30, 2008

Take Five -- Five Days Until The End

1. Aunt B. cried in her car after voting for Barack Obama. I guess I don't get that. I mean, I can see why a black voter would (and presumably some do) get that emotional about voting for Obama, but I don't see why a white person would. Feel good about it? Yeah, maybe. But cry? Huh. I don't know. I'm not saying she's wrong to have done that--emotional reactions are what they are. But it certainly does lend credence to the idea that Obama wins hearts rather than minds. Which, of course, usually wins elections.

UPDATE: Braisted responds. He says he didn't cry after voting but may on Election Night, assuming Obama wins (actually, I suppose he'll cry if Obama loses, too--probably much harder). Well, that I kind of get. Braisted's been with Obama since the beginning. That would be the culmination of a long political battle which he was a part of and on which he spent a great deal of personal energy. Plus he really believes in the guy, while B really doesn't, since she admits (to her credit) that she has doubts about him. So I still don't get why the simple act of just voting for Barack Obama would bring a white person to tears.

2. Sarcastro sees an angle on that Sedaris quote that I had completely missed.

3. Sabato sees a landslide in the offing.

4. "Outlook: If Tuke is a praying man, he might qualify for a miracle. Otherwise, Alexander would seem to be a shoo-in. Aside from a certain potential in Shelby County and in Davidson County (Nashville), Tuke, whose name recognition remains minute, has limited prospects." - Jackson Baker, Memphis Flyer

No. John McCain has limited prospects. Bob Tuke has a snowball's chance in Hell.

5. My Phillies won. Awesome.