Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Take Five -- 14 Days To Go

1. To be filed in the Let's-(Gently)-Irritate-Aunt-B Department:

From Mickey Kaus

Recommended: Tim Noah's 2001 piece on William Ayers' memoir Fugitive Days. A searing and timely review! Noah certainly seems like another pro-Obama Democrat who wouldn't have served on a board with Ayers. He describes Ayers as "self indulgent and morally clueless" and generally treats the ex-Weatherman as a pathetic joke. ... Is Noah really 100% comfortable with a Democratic candidate who didn't? ...

2. A presidential endorsement sure to resonate in flyover country.

3. This cracked me up.

4. Andrew Sullivan continues his (hopefully temporary) descent into blog-o-madness.

5. Apparently, violating a woman is funny. Who knew?