Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Take Five -- Six Days To Go

1. Note to many Dems/liberals/lefties: you know that David Sedaris squib about the "chicken" or the "platter of shit with bits of broken glass in it"? It's not nearly as funny, clever or incisive as you think it is. Also: undecided voters aren't generaly impressed by hearing one of the candidates they've been mulling over (and who, whether you like him or not, has a biography as impressive--indeed much more impressive to many people--as your guy's) compared to a "platter of shit". Presumably, they don't think John Mccain's comparable to a platter of shit. If they did, they wouldn't be so undecided, would they?

2. You know who we haven't heard much from lately? Michael Moore. Good plan!

3. Actual opening quote from Dana Stevens, absolutely horrendous movie critic for Slate, in her explanation of her vote for Barack Obama: "I wasn't going to include any reason why—because duh..." Seriously: "Duh." This is a grown woman writing for a major publication with an ostensibly intellectual bent. And, naturally, she follows it up with the Sedaris bit. I have little doubt she's also extremely condescending about Sarah Palin in her casual conversations. She probably shouldn't be. Duh.

4. Tightening...

5. The most popular piece of conventional wisdom on the right is that Obama doesn't close well. Well, sometimes the conventional wisdom is correct: he doesn't. Seems so long ago now, but it's still worth noting that the man essentially limped over the Democratic primary finish line in June. Of course, he also still won in the end.