Thursday, January 3, 2008

Take Five

1. How not to bolster your argument, by Gail Kerr:

The commission then did a smart thing: Instead of making yet another partisan appointment, they promoted Ray Barrett, a career election commission employee,to be in charge. He is most definitely on the hot seat right now. And it is certainly possible that someone should be fired.

Barrett might get fired? So how, pray tell, was promoting him a "smart thing"? I guess I'm missing something.

2. Some kind of partnership along these lines would make me politically happy for the first time in years. I know that will make you feel better.

For the record, I posted the following over at Bob's place a couple of weeks ago. Still holds true:

My choices are:

Thrilled to vote for:


Happy to vote for:


Could tolerate voting for:


Would seriously consider voting for for something like U.S. senator, congressman or governor, but not for the presidency:


Could not vote for at all, unless it was for youth pastor or something like that:


Well, actually, I think I would change one thing: I don't think I could vote for Mike Huckabee for youth pastor either. Fortunately, as a Methodist, I won't ever have to.

3. I had to show my photo ID to pay for my lunch yesterday. Just saying.

4. I won't even venture a guess. I have no predictions, only hopes, such as not having to hear about Mike Huckabee anymore.

5. Pictures of Vegas.