Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Take Five

1. "Fred Thompson has that Emperor Palpatine thing going on...and I like that."

2. Batten down the hatches, that is, if you have any hatches.

3. I got my letter from the Davidson County Election Commission yesterday informing me of their little mishap. Basically, they said there wasn't much that could done but here was a nice form letter they were required to send me saying so. Thanks guys!

4. This post irritated me, because, frankly, it didn't make any sense. It's about a week-and-a-half premature and completely gets Fred Thompson wrong. I espcially love the "monomania" and "stubborn" stuff, this from a guy who I believe was once (and for I know still is) a fan of Howard Dean.

5. Margaret Thatcher was called the Iron Lady, which for one thing indicates that she never cried on cue when the chips were down.