Thursday, January 24, 2008

Take Five

1. I get ACK's general point, and I am certainly by no means opposed to making adjustments where necessary, but with Romney it's simply craven. He doesn't do these things in the course of governing, which sometimes requires adjustments. He does them for the sole purpose of getting elected to office. And, for the record, I could even deal with it if he does it once. But this is three times in a row now.

Frankly, I'd just prefer him to be wishy-washy, on these issues, if that's what he is. At least that's honest. "Wishy-washy" is where most people are on these issues anyway.

2. Re: Clinton v. Obama. I'm sorry. Have Democrats just now gotten the memo that the Clintons are a shameless, selfish bunch with little regard for anything or anyone but themselves? I mean, where's the surprise here?

3. I am so glad that Matt Pulle's back.

4. George Will does a fantastic job of taking John McCain to the woodshed. And he does it without all the whiny "he's so mean to us" crap I hear from a lot of conservative types.

5. An open convention. That would indeed be fun.