Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Take Five

1. The Empire strikes back! Now I really am interested. This, as Drudge says, is indeed going to be fun. (Incidentally, the 10-year anniversary of Drudge's breaking of the Monica Lewinsky story is just around the corner).

2. Something that needs to come to an end: the continuing disdain of John McCain among a lot of conservative movement/grassroots types. Cripes, it's been eight years, and the man has carried a lot of water in the meantime. He's also been right about a lot of things over the past few years, a lot more right than George W. Bush has been, by the way. OK, so he didn't kiss your collective butt back in 2000, and so he gets a lot of plaudits from the mainstream media. Fine. Be wary, if that makes you feel better, but, otherwise, look at the whole picture. And get over it already.

3. Glen Dean, writing about Music City Bloggers:

It seemed like Ivy had taken this thing a little too seriously. She created this chain of command, filled with highly emotional females.

Right. Because we all know how unemotional, thoughtful, dispassionate and deliberative Glen Dean is.

4. Sarcastro, we are not worthy.

5. Hitchens. Need I say more?