Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Take Five

1. For the fourth year in row, I missed the State of the Union address. Darn. Whatever will I do?

2. Yes, I am an irresponsible citizen, why do you ask?

3. What's that? For whom would I have voted? Fred Thompson, of course. So the whole exercise is academic anyway.

4. Things about Florida you'll hear over and over again today and tonight:

(a) The panhandle is the most evangelical/socially conservative area.
(b) John McCain needs to do very well in the military-heavy Pensacola and Jacksonville areas.
(c) Miami has a large Cuban population. (Yes, you already know this. No, that won't stop them.)
(d) The I-4 corridor is the most politically and demographically reflective of the nation as a whole.
(e) Florida is "America's wang." (Fox Sports Radio only.)

5. You think I'm elitist? This guy writes a frigging poem about a Food Lion in Winchester, Tennessee. (NOTE: Slate redeems itself--in my book anyway--with this article.)